World Gratitude Day – what I am grateful for.

I have so many things and people I am grateful for that I could go on for days but for the purpose of this blog I want to focus on what I am grateful for as a caregiver on this World Gratitude Day (Sept.21).

  1. I am grateful first and foremost for my mother who I have taken into my home these last almost 5 years.  She is my love, my joy, my heartache, and my life.
  2. I am also grateful first and foremost for my faith in God which sustains me daily through this journey of caregiving.  I could not do this job without my beloved Jesus.
  3. I am grateful for the home God has so graciously given me to be able to give a home to my Mom away from the nursing homes.
  4. I am grateful for my few friends who hold me up and give me much love and encouragement and answers when I don’t know what to do.
  5. I am grateful for my church family who surround me with love and support through this caregiving journey.
  6. I am grateful for  the PSW who so gently looks after Mom when giving her her shower twice a week.  She is the BEST!
  7. I am so grateful for our friend Sandra who gives of herself selflessly to help me out with cleaning, doing exercises with Mom, staying overnight when I was in the hospital, and keeping an eye on me to make sure I am doing OK.  She is invaluable to Mom and I.
  8. I am so grateful for the psychiatrist I have who looks after me so well and is such a support and advisor during a very difficult time.  I couldn’t get through a week without her..
  9. I am so grateful for the wonderful people at Hospice Kingston who support me through the caregiving support group and in many other ways.  They give me hope I can get through this in one piece.
  10. I am so grateful for  my two Pastors who put up with me messaging them at all hours and asking frantically to pray.  They also support me with spiritual guidance which i desperately need at times.
  11. I am so grateful that I am connected with a nursing company and I can call them 24/7.  Sometimes it is so lonely late at night and if I am worried about Mom’s condition I can call them and they will send someone out if needed.  What wonderful support.
  12. I am also so grateful for a wonderful nurse, Candace who takes such good care of Mom and shows she reallly cares about her.  It’s not just a job.
  13. I am so grateful for the palliative care nurse I have who, as Mom continues to deteriorate daily, she give me advice, direction and such good care of Mom.
  14. I am so grateful to my family doctor who takes as much time as needed to make sure I am looked after, dealing with constant headaches, exhaustion,  and poor self-care.
  15. I am so grateful for my cats who bring joy and comfort into my life daily.  I couldn’t manage without them.
  16. I am so grateful for my library job which allows me to get out of the house and have a purpose other than as a caregiver.  And I get to be with BOOKS!
  17. I am grateful for tea.  I know that may sound weird but it is when I am sitting in my easy chair or my hammock chair sipping on a cup of tea that I can truly relax and let things go  for a few minutes.
  18. I am grateful for my Facebook friends.  Going on Facebook and seeing what my friends are up to takes my attention away from the worries and cares I constantly live with.  I, whose world is getting smaller and smaller as mom gets sicker, can live vicariously through my friends on their adventures and with their families.
  19. I am grateful for the night when I can turn off the world and just sleep.  I am so tired all the time and so much is on my mind.
  20. I am grateful for laughter.  Mom and I laugh a lot over silly things or something the cats have done.  Laughter does really lighten the load .
  21. I am grateful for my health that for the last 5 years I have been healthy enough to always be able to look after Mom.  Even though it is very hard to practice self-care I am getting better at it and look forward to continuing looking after Mom daily till she rests in peace and I no longer am needed as her caregiver.

I could probably think of many other things I am grateful for as a caregiver.  I am really truly blessed in this journey.  It has been the hardest 5 years of my life but also the absolute best 5 years of my life.

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