Grief – the Makings of a Horrific Loss or Lion-like Strength

As this website title suggests, I will be writing frequently on my experiences as a caretaker for my elderly Mom and the grieving process I am going through.

BUT what exactly is GRIEF??  To put it simply, it is our reaction to any loss we experience in our life.  You don’t only experience grief when someone dies.  Grief can be felt in many life events.  Any major change like a move to a new house or changing jobs or changing caregivers or changing schools can leave you lost and shocked.  Leaving elementary school to start high school or to start out on your own as an adult can cause grief at what you feel you may be losing like favourite teachers, friends etc.  Losing a beloved pet, a friend moving away, your favourite possession broken or lost, a divorce, a loss of good health, a loss of something that helped define who you are such as retiring from a job that was a large part of your identity, a loss of something that gave you great pleasure like a hobby or a favourite outing can bring on grieving feelings.  All of these things and many more can cause us to mourn or grieve and can have a huge impact on our well-being.

But like many things, grieving is a process and over time if we have the right guidance and support and attitude, that process can take us to new positive places in our lives.  In my life, my faith helps significantly in my grieving process.  For you it may be something else.  Whatever our journey, grieving can make us stronger not weaker.  It doesn’t have to decimate our lives although I won’t deny it can be very painful.

I am hoping this blog will show you that despite my struggle with grief coming at me from a number of different sources, complicated by having autism and all that entails, my resolve is to emerge stronger and more intact than I have ever been.  The picture above captures my feelings exactly.  I may be an ordinary house cat but inside of me is a  roaring lion with a strength I did not know I possess.  Harnessing that strength through the grieving process is my goal.  There is a verse in the bible that is my daily mantra.  It goes,  ” My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness” spoken by Jesus Christ found in 2 Corinthians 12:9.

I think I speak for those of us with autism that hardship is certainly not foreign to us.  We live difficult challenges every day of our lives.  It’s what we do with those challenges and our grief that makes us the unique and special people we are.

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